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Hamilton Damp Proofing Specialists 

Certified Surveyors in Damp and Timber in Buildings CSDB  and  CSTDB Qualified


Because the presence of Airborne Mould can have detrimental health effects, we have a Specialist Hamilton Mould Eradication Unit here to help. 

The main objective is to identify and eradicate any Mould growths you may have. 

This has a 3-step process: -

Firstly – Our Highly Trained CSDB/ CSTDB Surveyor specialising in A Diagnostic Understanding of Condensation, Atmospheric Moisture and Mould will come out to your property and carry out a full Condensation and Mould Survey (see what is included in the Survey by clicking on the Condensation and Mould Survey Service) to accurately identify the cause of the Condensation and Mould and create a plan of action to solving and eradicating the issues.

Secondly – Our skilled Mould Eradication Unit will carry out the professional spraying, killing and removal of the Moulds using specialist products in the areas affected.

Thirdly – Our Mould remedial team will then paint the affected areas with specialist mould paints containing mould destroying additives.

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