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Because the presence of Airborne Mould (which is usually caused by condensation) can have detrimental health effects, we have set up a Specialist Mould Eradication Unit to help eliminate these toxic moulds and stop them causing potential health issues. The main objective is to identify and eradicate any Mould growths you may have. This has a 3-step which you can read below:


Mould Eradication Unit – prices start from £200

Firstly – Our Highly Trained CSDB/ CSTDB Surveyor specialising in A Diagnostic Understanding of Condensation, Atmospheric Moisture and Mould will come out to your property and carry out a full Condensation and Mould Survey (see what is included in the Survey by clicking on the Condensation and Mould Survey Service) to accurately identify the cause of the Condensation and Mould and create a plan of action to solving and eradicating the issues.

Secondly – Our skilled Mould Eradication Unit will carry out the professional spraying, killing and removal of the Moulds using specialist products in the areas affected.

Thirdly – Our Mould remedial team will then paint the affected areas with specialist mould paints containing mould destroying additives.

PIV Unit Installation – prices start from £900

Condensation dampness and mould growth are far more common than you think, particularly in older homes. As the condensation season (winter) sets in and the temperature starts to drop, many of us will notice the problem more. A PIV unit installation offers to solve these issues for the whole property. 

After our Surveyor has obtained the Scientific Atmospheric data on the Condensation and Mould Survey it may be necessary for us to Install a PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) Unit.

This unit basically introduces fresh, filtered air into the home at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside. This process removes condensation, allergens such as dust mites, and the pollutants caused by cooking and cleaning from the air. The results are a fresh and healthy indoor environment in which condensation and mould cannot exist, and where indoor pollutants including harmful Radon gas are kept to a minimum – all great news for allergy sufferers.

Our highly trained technical operatives are at hand to correctly install the different types of PIV Units available on any type of property.

Why Install a PIV Unit?

The main effects and problem arising from condensation is the growth of Mould. There are over 100,000 species of mould worldwide. Less than 100 are commonly reported in UK homes some of which are classed as so called “Toxic Moulds”.

If Mould is not treated properly, it can affect your health.

Proven health effects (almost all from agricultural/ occupational exposure) include: –

.Irritation of eyes, nose and throat


.Exacerbation of asthma



.Immuno-supressed individuals at risk)

Reported health effects: –

Fever, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, coughing up blood, nose bleeds, dizziness, headaches, diarrhoea, vomiting and liver damage.

The installation of a PIV Unit results in a fresh and healthy indoor environment in which condensation and mould cannot exist, and where indoor pollutants including harmful Radon gas are kept to a minimum. They are a must for any property suffering with poor ventilation. 

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